Interview with Kadet Mam, Community Hero in Chansom Senmongkul

Kadet Mam (center) with her team at Chansom Senmongkul
Kadet Mam (center) with her team

Kadet Mam is Head of Learning Center in Chansom Senmongkul, Cambodia. As “Community Hero” Kadet is responsible for the operations and the management of the learning center. One year after the opening of the center we talked to Kadet about her work, the progress she has made and the challenges she is facing.

Kadet, what do you remember the most from the opening ceremony in November?
I remember that there were many guests attending: lots of students from local primary, secondary and high schools and many guests from a national and international levels.

What was the biggest challenge in the first year of operations?
There are actually several challenges. The biggest one surely is that we had and still have a high demand for course enrollment but a lack of sufficient space (classrooms). Another problem is to keep control over the visitors in the library. When there are a lot of students it is hard to manage them, i.e. they start fighting. Also, some kids are too young to go to the library and some books have been torn. I have also experienced that we couldn´t complete some tasks in time.

What makes you proud when you look at your learning center today?
I am very proud that we achieved break even. We have a nice learning center in a remote area providing people with education at affordable prices. Volunteers from the community and abroad support us making our educational offerings more attractive. I am also proud of the good cooperative teamwork among the team. We support and encourage each other. I feel supported as well as from the country management and the foundation director.

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