Interview with Matthias, Co-Founder of Learning Center Arvaikheer

Uuganaa (left) and Matthias (center) during the 2010 trip to Mongolia
Uuganaa (left) and Matthias (center) during the 2010 trip to Mongolia
Matthias Krauß is a scout coming from the Bavarian town Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. As a medical student he participated in the first book collections for BOOKBRIDGE, in 2009 he was part of the group of German and Mongolian scouts that set-up the learning center in Arvaikheer. We talked to Matthias about his memories of that period.

Matthias, what do you remember the most from the opening ceremony in September 2009?
There were lots of happy people, especially children, who were looking forward to the/our books. After four weeks of hard effort it was a pleasurable and a relieving feeling to actually be part of a successfully set-up project. And of course learning and singing the Arvaikheer song under the Mongolian sun with the whole team.

When you think back of what we had in mind with the learning center in 2009, what was the biggest difference between what you thought would happen and what happened in reality?
I never thought that we could create such a helpful and growing project out of used books in the first place. Leaving Arvaikheer after seven weeks, I somehow had a few doubts about the continuance of Carsten’s vision in building such a “school/learning centre”. All the more I am happy to see that Carsten and his team continued and expanded the project. Congratulations to this!

NL_Arvaikheer Opening
Matthias at the opening ceremony in Arvaikheer (top row, third from the right). Uuganaa is the third from the left, Carsten is the first from the right on the lower row.
What makes you proud when you look at your learning center today?
In 2009, it was the first “book bridge”, followed by many others which shows that we started a successful project. Special thanks to Uuganaa and her whole team who are dedicated to the “book bridge” with lots of passion and eagerness. I still receive the newsletters and every time it feels good to read the stories about the learning centers and see the progress they make – and that makes me a little bit proud as well.

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  • Hi Everyone ,Good afternoon.Earlier thisweek I got in touch with Brendan Crowe Marketing Manager was Account Manager based in Glasgow for Hilti UK told me about hiswork with one of your Teams setting up a learning centre in Mongolia .Check out my work for my The Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation Scottish Registered Charity SCO39331.I wish to build a school somewhere in the impoverished Developing World I might consider working with Book Bridge .Best Wishes.
    David Miles-Hanschell

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