Interview with Narangarav Jambaltseren

Narangarav Jambaltseren is Community Hero in Mandalgovi
Narangarav Jambaltseren is Community Hero in Mandalgovi
Narangarav “Nangaa” Jambaltseren is our new Community Hero in Mandalgovi, Mongolia. Together with our 8th Capability Program, Nangaa opened the 12th BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Mongolia on September 14. We talked to Nangaa about her professional background and what goals she has for the learning center.

Nangaa, who are you?
My name is Narangarav Jambaltseren. I graduated in English and have a education study master degree. I have four younger sisters and three children. I have worked at the Children and Family’s Development Center of Dundgovi province for 10 years. I’m a Scout leader of my hometown, too.

Why did you apply for BOOKBRIDGE Community Hero?
When I was child I didn’t have the chance to learn English in my community. I had to wait until I could study in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. I really want to help young teenagers in my community to learn English when they are in the secondary school. I’m very happy to be part of BOOKBRIDGE because it helps the Mongolian teenagers and rural communities to develop.

Your learning center has just opened. What are your plans for the next months?
I plan to run English classes, life skills clubs, an abacus course, day care service and Scouting.

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