Interview with Regashamini Rathagirushnan

Regashamini Rathagirushnan, new Community Hero Batticaloa
Regashamini Rathagirushnan, new Community Hero Batticaloa
Good news from Sri Lanka: this fall, our third learning center will open its doors in Batticaloa, a city on the Sri Lankan East coast. Community Hero Regashamini “Rega” Rathagirushnan will manage the learning center. We talked to her about her vision and plans for the center.

Rega, who are you?
My name is Regashamini (Rega). I am 31 years old and the youngest in my family, I have 3 sisters and a brother. I like to travel, do gardening, handcrafts, having puppies as pets, I love to play with kids and do charity work.

What is your background?
I am passionate about teaching and continuous learning. I was born in a village called Periyakallru, Batticaloa. Then our family moved to Batticaloa town for better schooling. I got the opportunity to continue my undergraduate studies at the University of Colombo, therefore again I had moved to Sri Lanka’s capital alone in 2007. I successfully completed my B.Sc in Industrial Statistics & Mathematical Finance in 2011, Human Resource Management 2011, and did my Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics in 2015. In total around six years, I have worked across various private and multi-national companies in Colombo in the field of HR, ISO quality audit, Actuarial and Finance. Currently, I work as an online tutor.

Why did you apply for BOOKBRIDGE Community Hero?
At the time when I thought of going back to my home town and opening my own learning center I saw that BOOKBRIDGE was looking for a Community Hero. That made me more confident and motivated. So I feel it was the right time that I found BOOKBRIDGE. It is a perfect fit for my dream. Also this is great opportunity to work with a global team for a long run. I believe the approach of joined hands in a global family will provide the support necessary to make my dreams come true.

Which goals to you have for your learning center?
I want my community to grow with a quality & effective educational system. I wish my learning center to expand with a variety of courses (with new technologies) and to become self-sustainable in the long run.

Which educational offerings do you plan?
I aim to support school children, university students, school leavers and women who are seeking for career opportunities. I want to achieve this by means of teaching & learning methods, awareness and self-realization of their own skills and professional development.

I plan to realize:

  • Kindergarten
  • For school students: new methods of learning (Mathematics, Science, English and IT).
  • For undergraduates, professional students and school leavers: courses for MS Office, Presentation, soft skills and interview preparations.
  • For professional students and school leavers: Foundation to Diploma in Management, Marketing, HRM, Finance, Business statistic and teaching.
  • For women who are seeking for career opportunities: Motivate them to do handcrafting and supporting them by providing ressources and create market opportunities.

I hope all of the above plans will work and reach beyond my expected level. I will try my best to expand in our area to serve more people with a variety of new courses in a long run.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Regashamini Rathagirushnan

  • Shiraz Buhar says:

    I am so glad to hear Mr. Carsten and his respected team’s BookBridge is keeping another step in Sri Lanka. Ms. Rega, personally I am sure you will be supported in many a ways because as far as I learned this Bookbridge organization is well planed and have some talented personals who dedicate their selves to help the humanity. All the best !

    • Rega says:

      Many thanks Sairaz Buhar. So far we are doing good in the on going project. We will try our best to develop Batticaloa community.

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