Interview with Sampath, Community Hero in Kekirawa

Excited: Sampath at the opening ceremony for the learning center
Excited: Sampath at the opening ceremony for the learning center

Sampath Sri Senawatte is our new Community Hero in Sri Lanka. On March 8, he opened his Kekirawa Learning Centre together with the participants of our 2nd CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship. This interview introduces him.

Sampath, who are you?
I seek opportunities with great challenges and responsibilities where I can use my professional qualifications and over 18 years of my working experience, knowledge, skills and talents in various fields for the benefit of others.

As an elder son of a Buddhist family, I was born in the hill country of Sri Lanka. I have one younger brother who is a Mechanical Engineer. I have almost 20 years of experience as a computer engineer, teaching of computer science, mathematics and science, business management, HR management, construction management and staff training skills.

You have just opened Kekirawa Learning Center (KLC). What will the center offer? What is its focus?

  • The learning center’s offerings include courses for Spoken English and ICT (Beginner to Advance ICT Courses) with modern library facilities & ICT Lab facilities to enhance the ICT Practical Experience
  • The KLC wants to enhance the reading interest in my community

Which chances do you see for your learning center and which challenges?
In my community there are many talented personalities. However, they are hidden and did not recognize that they have born talents and various capacities. Kekirawa Learning Centre gives them a chance to discover them and push them in order to let them find their path. Until now, the people in my community (kids, teenagers, young adults and adults) have walked a certain distance in their life path without knowing this. Therefore the KLC needs to show them and open their minds to take the right path. This is the only challenge Kekirawa Learning Centre has.

One thought on “Interview with Sampath, Community Hero in Kekirawa

  • pawan says:

    I was so happy with this process,helping children to be forward in Language ,and encouraging them to study in English with the help of other nations.This place was wonderfully filled with friendly atmosphere and kind attitudes,and obviously devoted for service,somewhere I should appreciate to find as a teacher of English language,and I too am ready to support you in guiding children to speak their knowledge,instead of using it only as a tool to pass exams,hiding their lips from reaching its beauty of pronouncing…I wish I would find more about your goals.Thanking Mr Sampath who has been very friendly through this centre..

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