Interview with Sokhan Khut, Country Manager

Sokhan in the learning center in Chansom Senmongkul
Sokhan in the learning center in Chansom Senmongkul

Sokhan Khut is BOOKBRIDGE Country Manager for Cambodia and responsible for BOOKBRIDGE’s operations and learning centers in Cambodia. We talked to him about the progress the learning center in Chansom Senmongkul has made since its opening in November 2013.

How has the learning center developed during the last year?
The learning center started fully functioning on January this year. It has made a remarkable progress achieving 108% of its sustainability rate. This was is great achievement. However, the EARN element was seen more active than the READ and LEARN ones in the beginning. Our head of learning center has then put her efforts in getting all the elements developed in a more balanced way. After ten months of the operation with supports from two BOOKBRIDGE fellows from Europe, the learning center has reached break even and has made a little profit. It as well has become more active on the LEARN element while the READ element is still less active if compared to the other two elements.

Which challenges do you see in the past and in the future?
The learning center surely is on a positive track. However, controlling and managing messy books in the library is one of the major challenges for the learning center staff as the visitors are mostly children and pupils. Lack of space and additional rooms of course is another major challenge that leads to crowded classes which worries me because of the quality of the offered courses. Frequent changes of part-time teachers are another challenge for the center. These issues are something we have taken into consideration for the further development of the learning center.

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