Interview with Sreydieb Long, Community Hero in Angtasom

Sreydieb is Community Hero of the new BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning Center
Sreydieb is Community Hero of the new BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning Center

On March 20, our first mobile learning center opened its doors to the public. The BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning Center is an innovative learning concept providing people in remote areas of Cambodia with educational offerings. Though very young, Sreydieb Long has applied for the position of the Head of Learning Center (Community Hero) of the new learning center. In this interview we introduce her.

Who are you? Please tell us a little bit about you and your personal background.
I am Long Sreydieb. I was born in a community in Tramkak District, Takeo Province, Cambodia. I currently live in Angtasom, Takeo Province. I am studying at university in year four, semester two at the Build Bright University in Takeo and I am going to graduate in April or May. My major is English as foreign language.

Why did you apply for the position of the Community Hero/Head of Learning Center?
I want to grow with the challenge and gain more knowledge and experiences. What I love about BOOKBRIDGE is that it encourages persons who don´t have goals and provides them with chances like offering jobs to post graduates like me. Also, it seeks to educate the new generation with quality offerings in the field of education.

What is special about your learning center? What are your plans for the next months?
My learning center serves people by providing educational offerings via “BOOK-Tuk”: this chariot pulled by a motorbike has a bookshelf at the back and a case for tablet pcs and will bring books and courses to people living on the countryside that can´t attend the courses offered in the learning centers of Chansom Senmongkul and Takeo. For the first time, a BOOKBRIDGE learning center will use modern devices (tablets) get people in touch with modern technologies.
We were very busy for a whole week with getting the BOOK-Tuk, cleaning up the room and preparing the decoration for the opening ceremony. Even though it is not super nice, it looks neat and comfortable. The team of the capability program has worked hard to find and clean the room without complaining which was great!
I plan to offer General English courses and if it works well enough I will try my best to open another micro learning center (classroom) in our area to serve more people with our course offerings.

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