Interview with Tserenpagma Altanbagana

Tserenpagma is Community Hero in Bayankhongor, Mongolia
Tserenpagma is Community Hero in Bayankhongor, Mongolia
Tserenpagma Altanbagana is our new Community Hero in Bayankhongor, Mongolia. In this interview she introduces herself and her motivation to run a BOOKBRIDGE learning center.

Tserenpagma, who are you?

I was born in Bayankhongor province center, Mongolia. I have 4 children, the elder two are girls and younger two are boys. My husband works at the Local Government Office. His professional background is a lawyer.
My professional background is business administration. I have 14 years of working experience in the area of Development Program Management with World Vision. During this time I always thought about how to contribute to my community development, why we couldn’t change the child education method and etc… My main hobby is facilitation of any training and listen to music.

Why did you decide to become BOOKBRIDGE, Community Hero?

In our province, there is no English Training center, so many parents send young children to capital city and their children miss their families. And I had worked with international NGOs and felt how the English language is important in my role and in my life. Also I like a quote that says “Who knows new languages opens another new world”.

So, I would like to open new worlds for many children and people. Therefore, I established a new English training center in my hometown. But I still haven’t enough experience and capacity. Therefore, I was looking for good partners anywhere. Also, I dream to build a high-quality English training center, to collect and search books, audio materials, tables and chairs. Finally, I started the training center and our center has 17 student in the starter program. Day by day my students speak easy conversation and memorize new words and songs. Now I’m so happy to join the BOOKBRIDGE Family and so excited about CAP12.

What are your plans for your learning center?

Firstly, our learning center needs to improve the teachers’ teaching quality and methodology and to develop the age appropriated training program of English and handout materials. And our service will need to be introduced widely to outreach many children and adults.
I think if our learning center’s training quality is good and the method is easy and interesting, more people and children from the community will enroll in our courses and the impact will be huge in their future lives.

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