Introduction to our CAP13 Community Hero

Keitumetse Mokgautsi
Keitumetse Mokgautsi

Who are you?

My name is Keitumetse Mokgautsi. I live in a township in Johannesburg called Orange Farm. I am currently employed as Sourcing Analyst for a FMCG company. I have been in the sourcing and procurement space for 4 years straight after graduating from varsity.

Why did you decide to become a BOOKBRIDGE, Community Hero?

I love partaking in different community projects and the reason I decided to become a community hero is purely that I can improve the community that I grew up in and transform it into being coherent and independent by making use of the resources we have in up-skilling and creating employment.

What are your plans for your social enterprise?

The plans I have for my social enterprise are:
1. Eliminating waste by reusing and recycling
2. Reducing land pollution
3. Working together with companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility projects to yield better support
4. Creating future employment opportunities for the community members that will reduce the level of poverty
5. Teaching arts & crafts and putting the produced products for sale
6. Farming initiatives based on what our local super markets will require to source from us as local suppliers.
Through these activities, we will grow and venture into other disciplines where we see gaps. I am positive that this will have a huge impact in my community and will be sustainable.

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