Investing in a Mobile Learning Center

Children discover the tablets donated by SuitePad
The tablets donated by SuitePad will be used for IT courses and innovative learning concepts

SuitePad and Robert Matthäus-Maier invested in the new Mobile Learning Center. Whereas SuitePad donates the tablet pcs we will use to bring educational offerings to people in remote areas of Takeo province, Cambodia, Robert donated money for the set-up of the center. In this article we present them and their motivation for investing in BOOKBRIDGE

Moritz von Petersdorff, Managing Director of SuitePad:
SuitePad replaces the paper-based information you usually find in hotel rooms. A tablet pc provides hotel guests with guest information, feedback sheets, room service and even the bible. We have asked ourselves what to do with the tablets after replacing them when they don´t meet the expectations of modern hotels anymore.

Moritz von Petersdorff donates the tablets for the Mobile Learning Center
Moritz von Petersdorff donates the tablets for the Mobile Learning Center

BOOKBRIDGE helps us to solve this problem: we provide the Mobile Learning Center with tablets from hotels that are still fully functioning. This way, they can be reused for something meaningful.
We get involved in BOOKBRIDGE for two reasons: First, the cooperation solves a real problem in our business model, second, it has never been so easy for us to do good.

Robert Matthäus-Maier:
My investment took a completely different route than I expected at the beginning. I got aware of BOOKBRIDGE through the alumni network of my university. Carsten and me, we both studied at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Economics. Drawn by the mission of BOOKBRIDGE, I decided to donate EUR 5,000. Normally when you donate money to an NGO, you know that it is in good hands but you don’t know how it is exactly spent.

Robert invested in the Mobile Learning Center
Robert investierte sein Geld in das Mobile Lernzentrum

With BOOKBRIDGE, a few months later, a detailed business plan was sent to me to setup a mobile learning center as a social enterprise in Cambodia. I was very happy to see that 100% of my donation is actually invested in Cambodia – and not into marketing and overhead. I was invited to attend the investor pitch in Zurich. Carsten managed to attract Moritz from SuitePad as an in-kind investor. Together, we reviewed the business plan and listened to the pitch by the Capability Program Team. I had the chance to bring in my knowledge as an entrepreneur. The team did a great job in revising the business plan based on my comments.

My initial donation turned into a real investment. And I feel very close to it. It has been a great experience so far to invest into BOOKBRIDGE. And I am eager to see the further development of my investment.

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