Investor convinced!

Project team convinced investor
The project team convinced the investor of the business model for Ang Tasom
On Thursday, October 4th, our project team convinced the investors from One Young World and impressed experts in the field of social business with their business plan for our next BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Cambodia. Martina Knittel, Capability Program writes about the presentation.

In the last eight weeks the project team of our current capability program developed a business model and worked out a business plan for our next learning center in Ang Tasom, Cambodia. The team focused very much on developing a learning center that tackles the needs of the Ang Tasom community and builds up on existing resources. Therefore the new center will offer a variety of educational programs: Besides the library and an English program it will offer IT courses and a seminar program. In the seminar program people from the community will share best practise examples in the fields of agriculture and micro business with the rest of the community. Besides the direct learning in relevant daily-life issues through a peer-to-peer approach, the program aims to link people with each other and creates a culture of self-education and shared knowledge.

The business model for a learning center
The business model for a learning center
After a successful concept and planning phase, the Ang Tasom project team presented their business plan to our investment comittee consisting of Evelyn Braun, a BOOKBRIDGE board member, Greg Kyle-Langley from our investor One Young World and BOOKBRIDGE ambassador and former vice president of Club of Rome Dr. Eberhard von Körber.

The committee was impressed by the concept and as well the dedication of our team to create social value by a well thought out education programme with a smart voucher system: For every English or IT course, students will receive vouchers for the seminar program, so that the parents are attracted to join courses and get convinced from our concept of sharing knowledge and growing as individuals and as a community.

The business plan and the professional presentation of our team led to the final decision: One Young World agreed to invest 20,000 € in the set-up of the centre. For this excellent success I would like to thank the whole Ang Tasom project team, Evelyn Braun, Greg Kyle-Langley and Dr. Eberhard von Körber from the investment team and our leadership coach Heike Rudolph von Rohr from TGC for her support!

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