Invest into a social enterprise

Our BOOKBRIDGE Social Business Fund invests into worthwhile tangible business around the world. Find out how it works by watching the video below.  

Why you should invest in us

Because we have a proven track record of impact investments around the world. See yourself in the table below:

With 6 years of experience and a total of 16 investments so far, we have developed a standardized scalable 5 stage process to setup a learning center as a social business. As a social enterprise, we have won prestigious awards, among them Ashoka Fellowship and the Venturekick Competition.

How it works

We setup a sustainable social business in education run by a dedicated social entrepreneur, making a difference in an emerging economy and paying back your investment over 10 years. At the same time, your investment allows us to run the BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program, an innovative leadership development program, resulting in a sustainable business model for your investment and a profit for our organization. Profits are used to cover all overhead costs and invest in the Fund as well.

These are the 5 steps we take to ensure that your investment creates a maximum of impact and gets repaid:

1. We carefully select an entrepreneur to setup a community based learning center.
2. We identify local investors providing EUR 20t in in-kind matching investments.
3. We run the Capability Program, resulting in a sustainable business model.
4. We pitch the business plan in front of you and the local investor in a real investor pitch.
5. We mentor the entrepreneur and monitor the investment until the is self-sustained.

Our investors:

Who we are

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise with a Family of Bridgebuilders around the world – empowering themselves to do what they really are. We are registered as a charitable Foundation in Switzerland. Strategic partners are the World Organization of the Scout Movement and the Ministries of Education in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Your key contact


Carsten Rübsaamen
carsten [at]

Do we also take donations?

You may also support our work with a donation. However, there is a difference to a classic donation: we use your money to invest in a learning center. The center generates revenues and by that way earns back the money you invested. We then use that money to re-invest in a new learning center. By that way, your donation gets recycled again and again, and all for a good cause. In Germany, Switzerland, UK and the US, you will receive a receipt which allows you to deduct your donation from your taxes. For donations in Germany, the bank receipt is sufficient for your tax declaration for donations of up to EUR 200. If you donate more, you will receive a separate receipt from us in due course.

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