It’s all about mobile learning challenge in the 5th Capability Program

Sokhan and DelphineWe have exciting news on the business challenge for our next Capability Program to Cambodia. It is all about mobile learning. Are you ready for the challenge of your lifetime?

In our next program, we will turn you into a real social entrepreneur in an unknown environment. Together with counterparts from Cambodia, you will setup a social business which brings quality education to remote rural villages through mobile learning technology.

We are proud to announce that we won great investors and experienced coaches for the program. Berlin-based IT Company SuitePad will invest 100 Samsung Galaxy Tablets into the program. The team will be guided by the experienced business and leadership coaches Joanna Hafenmayer from and Dr. Heike Rudolf von Rohr from .

Only 4 spots are left. Download the brochure and contact Carsten to secure the last spot.