What a compelling story for Kekirawa!

GSE2 Module 3 Team
The GSE2 Team celebrating their successful pitch

You could sense the excitement and tension in the air as Bea from HILTI Foundation entered the University of Basel on January 18, 2017. The GSE2 Team invited her to listen to their pitch for their learning center in Kekirawa, Sri Lanka. Following a long Q&A session, Bea decided to invest EUR 20,000 in the dream of the team.

Over the last 10 weeks, the 22 members of the GSE2 Team have put in all their heart and passion to assess the needs of the community in Kekirawa and come up with an impactful and sustainable business model for a learning center. Communication across time zones and cultures proved to be challenging. However, the joint vision united the candidates to work towards one goal.

GSE2 Module 3 Storytelling
Christina tells the story of Nehara in the pitch

On January 18, the big moment had come. The team got the chance to pitch their business model in front of their investor. Bea from HILTI Foundation came from Liechtenstein to Basel to listen to the candidates. In the following Q&A session, Bea challenged the team on impact chain of the learning center, the dependency on the Community Hero and the robustness financial plan.

After a short break to reflect on the decision, Bea confirmed her investment of EUR 20,000 as a soft loan into the learning center under certain conditions. The team enthusiastically responded and has started the work on the implementation. In two months from now, they will all find themselves in Sri Lanka to implement their plan.

We keep fingers crossed for the GSE2 Team and their dream to MAKE THE FUTURE PRESENT in Kekirawa, Sri Lanka! Stay tuned for news from Sri Lanka in March!

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