Learning Center Khovd

Golden Gate Learning Center is BOOKBRIDGE’s 13th learning center in Mongolia and opened in September 2017. Khovd province is located 1,580 km west of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar and home to 85,000 people from more than 17 nationalities and ethnicities. The region around the Khovd province is famous for its watermelon cultivation but animal herding its main economic source. The capital of Khovd province is Jargalant sum.

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Buyankhishig Zunorov
Head of Learning Center

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US Embassy in Mongolia

US Embassy in Mongolia

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Golden Gate Learning Center
Gunchandmani 3rd Building Apt. 28
Buyant bag
Khovd province Jargalant sum
Tel: +976 99788897
E-Mail: buyanaa@bookbridge.org

Cherish our Founders and Alumni

The learning center in Khovd was set-up with the help of our 10th Capability Program, namely Daniel Eckart, Michele Dubois, Eva Haussmann, Tom Grimmhorn, Bigna Salzmann, Monika Röll, Amit Kalra, Santiago Mayo, Stefan Königbauer, Anna Makiol, Kresh Wright, Hsuan Lai, and Khadije Bah. A big thank you to all participants, supporters and investors!

Group picture of CAP10 setting up Learning Center Khovd