Learning Center Arvaikheer looks back on 2015

Uuganaa's students in front of the learning center
Uuganaa’s students in front of the learning center
BOOKBRIDGE learning center Arvaikheer (Mongolia) is the first learning center BOOKBRIDGE established. Since 2009 it has changed a lot and transformed into an important educational institution in the province capital Arvaikheer. Uugantsetseg “Uuganaa” Gantumur, Head of Learning Center in Arvaikheer, has been awarded several times for her outstanding engagement. At the end of last year, the Mongolian government recognized her as “Outstanding Person in Society”. In this blog article she looks back at 2015.

The last few years have been very successful for BOOKBRIDGE learning center Arvaikheer but the last year was particularly good. Our child-friendly environment now includes more skilled teachers and a wide selection of books for students.

Uuganaa Gantumur during an English lesson
Uuganaa Gantumur during an English lesson
Community activities in 2015 included

  • At the learning center, we have a scout group that regularly participates in community activities. The scouts helped to organize the opening ceremony for our province’s first Special Olympics, a sports competition for children with disabilities. The event included 45 scouts, 50 athletes with disabilities and 30 adults.
    Nearly 70 scouts regularly participate in community activities organized by two local teachers.
  • 27 Scouts were trained as Patrol Leaders during an international camp in Nairamdal, and two teachers went with them.
  • We hosted a community English class in collaboration with Interesting World, a children’s newspaper.
  • 15 students and me volunteered their free time to provide translation services for a meeting with parents and sponsors from World Vision Singapore.
  • Each month, we host an English Olympic exam for students so they can track their increased knowledge over time.
  • Our students organized a New Year’s party. Everyone had a great time dancing, playing games and receiving awards.
  • I led a kickoff event for the first-ever Summer Scout Camp in our province. The program was developed by senior students of BOOKBRIDGE, 40 local scouts attended.
  • 4 scouts represented Mongolia at the International Scout’s World Jamboree in Japan.

English teacher Buyandelger (center) with her outstanding students in 2015
English teacher Buyandelger (center) with her outstanding students in 2015
Training overview

  • Our learning center provides eight classes at different ability levels. Payment is managed through parent contracts.
  • BOOKBRIDGE Regional English Olympics were held in Arvaikheer and included students from Khentii province. Over 170 students, 4 teachers and 5 Peace Corps Volunteers participated.
  • 15 students have participated in regional English Olympics exams, earning medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Golomt Bank and BOOKBRIDGE sponsored an English Olympics event for 12th grade students. Over 50 students participated representing all schools in Arvaikheer.
  • With the help of a Peace Corps Volunteer, 18 BOOKBRIDGE students were trained as Peer Leaders for a summer camp. 4 of them served as Assistant Teachers for the camp.
  • One of our top BOOKBRIDGE students, Munkhchimeg, received a national scholarship from the Zorig Foundation.
  • 3 BOOKBRIDGE students participated in the National Mongolian English Olympics.

The learning center made a big party for its students to celebrate the successful year 2015
The learning center made a big party for its students to celebrate the successful year 2015
Besides the recognition of my work one of my employees, Buyandelger Ochirbat, English teacher at the learning center, was honored with a gold medal as one of the Best Young Teachers in Arvaikheer province. Perhaps most exciting was being awarded as Child Friendly Organization by our local government. It is through our sustainable work and the support of the BOOKBRIDGE learning centers worldwide that we were able to achieve such a successful year. We’re eager to do even more in 2016!

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