Learning Center Arvaikheer wins international English contest

Students writing during the Write On! contestHello, Everyone! I am Esunmunkh Saikhanbayar and work as assistant teacher at BOOKBRIDGE learning center Arvaikheer. Our center is celebrating happy moments after we won in the “Write on” contest, an international creative story contest which was organized by Peace Corps Volunteers among 20 countries.

Briefly introducing the contest, in 2003, a group of Peace Corps volunteers in Georgia established the Writing Olympics as an innovative way to promote creativity and critical thinking among students in developing countries. Three years later, Armenia and Azerbaijan competed in the first Trans-Caucasus Writing Olympics. The contest went international in 2009 with the inclusion of Moldova. Albania, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Ukraine have been part of this contest last few years.

Students writing during the Write On! contestContest Objectives
For students, the contest provides an outlet for freedom of expression and an incentive for further language development.

How it Works
The Write On! Competition (WOC) is judged on a national and international basis. The regional competitions are held in February. Students from 6th grade to 12th graders are encouraged to participate. At the competition, students chose from a list of writing prompts. They are given one hour to respond, in English, without assistance. Entries are judged based on the merit of their creativity and inspiration, rather than on grammar or spelling.

This year over 70 students took part and 21 students were recognized as first, second and third place from each level. The great news is that all 21 winners are from BOOKBRIDGE learning center Arvaikheer!

Students writing during the Write On! contestWe have attended the contest for many years. Every year our accomplishment is getting better and better. We are so satisfied with this year result. It is very supportive for our students to be imaginative and creative. As English Olympics and other contest mostly focus on grammar and academic language skills more than anything this contest is different as it changes the stereotype by having different judging methods. As a result, the winners have completely turned while everybody thought one specific student would win. I think this result is shows BOOKBRIDGE’s impact. Thank you for supporting us!!!

The winners of the Write On! contest
The winners of the Write On! contest

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