Learning Center Competition: Children’s Story

Discussing topic and structure of the book in a Mongolian learning center
Discussing topic and structure of the book in a Mongolian learning center
We have given our Learning Centers a new challenge: to apply Project-Based Learning methods and to work with their students to write a children’s storybook. The theme of the storybook, which is aimed at children at about a Grade 1 English reading level, is encouraging children to visit and use the learning center’s library. Groups of student at learning centers across all BOOKBRIDGE countries are currently working on their submissions.

Learning centers are given the freedom to organize their students as best fits their situation. They can work with students in class or they can work with students who are part of a regular club. Or if more appropriate they can establish a separate group and time to work with interested students on the project. It is recommended that students who partake in creating storybooks have at least a lower-intermediate or higher level of English and be at least 12 years old.

Students at learning center Bandarawela (Sri Lanka) collect ideas for the book
Students at learning center Bandarawela (Sri Lanka) collect ideas for their book
The most important element of this competition is that it is organized following the principles of Project-Based Learning. This means that most of the researching, planning, writing and creating are done by the students with the teacher acting as a facilitator or guide, rather than directing or controlling. Students need to be given room to experiment and test ideas and to have the space to flex their creativity.

In addition to judging the top three best storybooks, we are also rewarding the learning center/teacher who applies the most effective PBL approach.

Unlike previous competitions, we are providing small grants of up to 25 Euro for each Learning center who wishes to participate in the competition for materials and printing. The deadline is December 15th and the prizes are awesome:

  • 1st place: 200 Euro + 25 t-shirts + 3 student English dictionaries
  • 2nd place: 150 Euro + 20 t-shirts + 2 student English dictionaries
  • 3rd place: 100 Euro + 10 t-shirts + 1 student English dictionaries

One of the Cambodian participating groups
One of the Cambodian participating groups
Winning funds are to be used for Learning center materials, workshops, books or improvements of other kinds. Winners will be selected by voting by the BOOKBRIDGE Global Support Team, Country teams and Board and a selection committee comprised of experts of children’s storybooks.

Several Learning centers have been posting photos of their students working on storybooks and we can’t wait to see the final results at end of this year!!

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