Learning Partnerships kicked off with Swiss Re

Kick Off call with Swiss Re Professionals and Mongolian Entrepreneurs

We are very proud to announce the kick off of 5 learning partnerships between amazing Mongolian Entrepreneurs and professionals at Swiss Re. Over the course of 6 months, the aim is to turn promising business ideas into a fully-fledged business plan. Both learning partners engage in regular video calls to reach their learning goals.

The Learning Partnership Program brings together entrepreneurs from our countries with professionals from Swiss Re. The entrepreneurs aim at establishing their own business and need support in skills like market research, sales and marketing.  The professionals work at Swiss Re and would like to contribute their skills to the creation of a business as well as broaden their own horizon.

On March 28, the kick off call between our 10 learning partners took place. Despite technical difficulties at the start, we were able to introduce all of us to each other. In the following week, learning partners will get together individually to define and exchange their learning goals for the 6-month program period. The learning partners will be accompanied by the team at BOOKBRIDGE and Swiss Re Foundation as well as Edith and Loredana as Capability Program Alumni.

In July, all learning partners will get together again for a mid-term feedback call. We will keep you updated on the progress they make as well as the challenges they face.



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