Learning Partnerships

Professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs join hands to create jobs in disadvantaged communities around the globe.

BattuulAre you an entrepreneur
who seeks support in turning passion into a worthwhile tangible business?

We offer you to…

  • receive personal coaching
  • join our global family
  • get access to capital

We expect from you…

  • a passionate business idea
  • experience as an entrepreneur
  • internet access and time

Costs: You decide what you give

Apply as Entrepreneur

Are you a professional
who seeks to develop her/his skills while creating tangible impact in the world? 

We offer you to…

  • develop your skills
  • broaden your horizon
  • co-create a tangible business

We expect from you…

  • work experience
  • passion for learning & sharing
  • interest in other cultures

Costs: EUR 1,000 excl VAT

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How does it work?

Our Learning Partnerships are an effective and light-weight online action learning program. Both professionals and entrepreneurs apply via our website. They get matched by our program manager based on their skillset and personal preferences. Both learning partners receive an invitation for a kick off, mid-term feedback and debrief call. In-between these calls, both learning partners decide by themselves how often they meet (e.g. every two weeks). After the debrief call, the learning partners decide whether they are ready to pitch in front of a jury for an interest-free loan.

Process of our Learning Partnerships

During the program, we support the learning partners by providing a guideline on how to turn a business idea into a worthwhile tangible business, virtual collaboration tools where outcomes and lessons learnt are centrally documented, and personal support from our Program Manager and Country Teams.

When do we start?

We offer kick off calls throughout the year. Tell us when you are ready to start and we will schedule a kick-off call with you, your partner and the Country Team to start your 6-month learning journey.

How much is it?

Participation in our Learning Partnerships involves different costs for entrepreneurs and professionals. Entrepreneurs may decide by themselves how much they are able to contribute financially to the program. What counts for us is their key interest in setting up a worthwhile tangible business and their dedication towards the program. For professionals, we charge EUR 1,000. This allows us to ensure the quality of the learning experience, select suitable entrepreneurs and provide an unique learning experience.

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Who are the entrepreneurs?

Discover the skillsets and business ideas of our entrepreneurs by listening to their 1 minute introductory videos. Professionals may mention their preferred entrepreneurs in their application.

Anand Tsogtbaatar, Mongolia
Business idea: Brand for men’s clothing
Skills needed: Management skills and expanding business
Batchuluun Galt-Ochir, Mongolia
Business idea: Dairy farming
Skills needed: People management and creating a business plan

Bunrath Riem, Cambodia
Business idea: Restaurant
Skills needed: How to run the business and management skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who selects the entrepreneurs? 

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    The entrepreneurs are selected by the Country Teams in the countries BOOKBRIDGE is present in. They apply as entrepreneurs, run through a series of interviews and finally receive the note of being accepted to the program. Only then, we start looking for professionals matching their skillset.

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  • Why do professionals pay EUR 1,000 and entrepreneurs only contribute what they can? 

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    All our entrepreneurs come from disadvantaged communities. They put high hopes into the program and invest their time and resources for the program. We ask them to contribute financially what they are able to but we do not charge a fixed fee. Our objective is to help kick-start impactful businesses and not to rip them off.

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  • Can I participate as a professional even if I do not have a EUR 1,000 at hands? 

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    Yes! We encourage you to apply and seek a direct call with us. There is always ways to engage. The money should not be the deciding factor. However, we need to cover our costs to run this innovative and effective program. You may also ask your company whether they are willing to sponsor you.

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  • Can I deduct the fee from my taxes payable as a professional? 

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    Yes! You can reduce your taxes payable by handing in the invoice for your participation in the Learning Partnerships along with the program flyer. The program counts as a measure of further education in many countries. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or doubts.

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Current and past Learning Partnerships


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Carsten.


Marisol Borbon
Program Manager
marisol [at] bookbridge.org


Saradha Somaratne
Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka
sujitha [at] bookbridge.org


Sokhan Khut
Entrepreneurs in Cambodia
sokhan [at] bookbridge.org


Amarsaikhan Purev
Entrepreneurs in Mongolia
amar [at] bookbridge.org


Dorah Marema
Entrepreneurs in South africa
dorah [at] bookbridge.org