BOOKBRIDGE wins Swiss Marketing Trophy!

Marc from Contexta and Carsten from BOOKBRIDGE proudly present the Swiss Marketing Trophy!
Marc from Contexta and Carsten from BOOKBRIDGE proudly present the Swiss Marketing Trophy!

Yes, we did it! We won the Swiss Marketing Trophy in Lucerne. A big Thank You to Marc, Dennis and the entire team at Contexta who has been supporting and believing in us since the very beginning.

Communication in the non-profit world is not easy. All non-profits seem to fight for funds. In Switzerland, people are used to big advertisements displaying kids in different parts of the world in need for help. And Swiss people donate. CHF 1.7bn in 2014. You can imagine that non-profit organizations spend quite a lot of money on marketing to acquire funds.

We take a different approach. We do not need to invest in marketing to acquire funds. Through our entrepreneurial model, our learning centers as well as BOOKBRIDGE are selling their educational services. 12 out of 16 learning centers are financially self-sustained. We are writing our 3rd consecutive year with year-end profits. A huge milestone for a non-profit!

This does not mean that communication is not important. From the very beginning, we placed emphasis on what is your key message as well as how do we come across. However, it took us 5 years to find out how to describe what we are doing in a very simple way. And we are still learning every day to make our message clear.

It all started very small with our logo designed by John & Gina in Frankfurt back in 2010. When we were not able to continue the collaboration, Carsten met Nadine from Contexta in Bern, Switzerland. Nadine was intrigued by our cause and has been supporting us with her great team since then for free! We are so proud to have Contexta as our partner!

IMG_6941We are proud that all these efforts have paid off. At the Swiss Marketing Day in Lucerne, Switzerland, we were awarded the 2016 Marketing Trophy for Non-Profits along with our marketing agency Contexta. We were recognized for our unique business model and the way how we communicate it across different channels.

We received a big trophy, a great HD camera and a voucher for CHF 10,000 in media services over the next year. In addition, we are featured in the Swiss journal Handelszeitung. Hopefully, more people and companies become aware about what BOOKBRIDGE is about and join our Family of Bridgebuilders.

The Marketing Trophy is the result of a 5-year collaboration between Contexta and BOOKBRIDGE. We would like to thank all people at Contexta who have been supporting us, especially Nadine, Marc, Roman, Stocki, Falvian, Merlin, Dennis, Isabelle, Tanja, Monika, Susanne, Lionel, Dominic, Christian, Lea, Silvia, Sabine, Annina and many more!

We are proud of our partner Contexta and our achievement with the Swiss Marketing Trophy!

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