Marking the end of the beginning for GSE2

GSE2 Team North jumping full of joy with their certificates

Following the successful opening of the Kekirawa Learning Center (KLC) in Sri Lanka, the GSE2 Teams came together in Basel and Kekirawa to assess their impact and reflect upon their personal and professional learnings. Module 5 of our 2nd CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the CEPS of the University of Basel marked the end of the beginning of their learning journey as social entrepreneurs.

In October 2016, a team of 22 candidates from 11 nations created a joint vision for a learning center in Kekirawa, Sri Lanka. Over the course of six months, they worked together as social entrepreneurs, living through ups and downs of intercultural teamwork, pitching a compelling story to their investor Bea Bättig from HILTI Foundation to implementing their business plan on-site. In May 2017, the team came together again to debrief their investor, assess the impact they have created and reflect upon their personal and professional learnings as an entrepreneur in the field.

Impressive investor debrief via Zoom

The investor debrief went very well. Community Hero Sampath had prepared a thorough progress report which showed major achievements towards the goals set, but also reflected on the drawbacks and failures. For example, most of the Sri Lankan Team Members vanished by the end of the program as they could not see the benefit for them to participate.

The team has already created major impact, although the learning center was only 60 days in existence. 40 students are currently enrolled in 5 different courses. The learning center reported a sustainability rate of 32% as of April 2017. A little bit more than 50% of the EUR 20,000 investment has been used up so far. On an impact level, Sampath has managed to place 5 local jobseekers in a local hotel. And he has much more plans ahead of him. One is to increase the number of students to 60 students by end of May.

All candidates and the BOOKBRIDGE Team took away important and significant learnings from this program. Each candidate recorded a short Pecha Kucha presentation which you may access by clicking on the video below.

Markus is proud to receive his CAS certificate

Last but not least, we are proud to close our second program in collaboration with the CEPS from the University of Basel with big success. All candidates received an official Certificate of Advances Studies (CAS) with 15 ECTS. For Markus, this was the first time ever he got awarded ECTS credits. And he was really proud to receive his certificate. From all candidates, we have received valuable feedback which we will take into account for the future design of our course.

The learning journey of our candidates would not have been possible without the outstanding support of

  • Georg, Robert and Maria-Clotilde as our partners from the CEPS
  • Emilie Barrallon asTeam North‘s business coach
  • Eranda Ginige from Social Enterprise Lanka as Team South‘s business coach
  • Heike Rudolf von Rohr as leadership coach
  • Bea Bättig from HILTI FOUNDATION as impact investor
  • Monika and Sujitha from BOOKBRIDGE Sri Lanka as our partner organization
  • Carsten as the team‘s program manager
  • all candidates and Stiftung Liebenau as an organization for putting their trust, time and money in this unique learning experience!

Let’s keep on building bridges to Kekirawa!


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