MasterClass kicked off successfully

12 enthusiastic MasterClass Candidates during our KickOff in Basel

After two years of intensive co-creation, 12 Alumni of our Capability Program kicked of our MasterClass Pilot on September 22-23, 2017 in Basel. Over 8 months, they will be working together with 7 Community Heroes to empower entrepreneurial thinking and acting around our learning centers. The team had a great start and we keep the fingers crossed for their research and prototyping phase.

In November 2016, the team of the 6th Capability Program pitched the idea to offer a Capability Program Reloaded for Alumni of our experiential learning program. What would make this program different is more entrepreneurial freedom for each candidate including the decision on where to implement what. The idea was heavily discussed and endorsed positively at the 2016 Summit.

Christine, CAP6 Alumni, briefs the team on her expectations

Since then, a team of 12 Capability Program Alumni from 7 programs and 7 different nationalities have co-created an exciting challenge for their MasterClass, namely to design, implement and assess an online training program in entrepreneurial acting which trains our Community Heroes as trainers for community members to setup worthwhile tangible businesses. Before releasing the program to the community as an additional paid service offering, the Community Heroes live through it themselves by expanding the services of their learning centers.

On September 22-23, 2017, the team met for the first time physically in Basel. It felt like a home-coming as many knew each other through Zoom Calls, their Capability Programs or the Summit. Accompanied by Nathalie Moral as their business coach, the team developed a joint understanding of their vision and prototyped a first draft of their business model and impact chain. As a next step, the team will reach out to 7 Community Heroes who applied to join our MasterClass pilot and prototype the first model of their service.

We are very proud that this idea resulted out of our Family of BridgeBuilders and was brought to live in a process of co-creation. Like with all our entrepreneurial babies being born, we are eager to see how the pilot develops and will keep you updated.


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