Mobile Library visits Tuva People

Every summer, Daria visits the Tuva people with her mobile library
Every summer, Daria visits the Tuva people with her mobile library
With her mobile library, Daria from the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Murun has visited the Tuva – nomad people in the North of Mongolia who breed reindeers. The Tuva kids had a lot of fun with the books Daria brought.

The Tuva live in the north of Khuvsgul province in the very North of Mongolia. The „reindeer people“ are nomads living with reindeers. As they live in very remote areas, it is very hard for them to access educational offerings. For this reason, the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Murun (the capital of Khuvsgul province) provides a mobile library. For the third year, Daria has brought the mobile library to the Tuva to provide books and educational games to Tuva kids.

Tuva children discover the books Daria has brought from Murun library
Tuva children discover the books Daria has brought
The Tuva live in very remote areas, many of them can be reached only by foot. Tuva prefer to live in cold places because their reindeers do not support climatically hot regions. One reason is a special sort of insect that can cause serious problems to the animal when it gets into their eyes. It can also cause the death of the reindeer. When riding a reindeer Tuva get on it through jumping as a stirrup damages the reindeers´ back bones. One family usually has about ten reindeers and moves three to four times with their animals and tent. Unlike Mongolian nomads who live in white ger (yurts) Tuva live in conic shaped tents called tipi. Tipis are covered with rough cotton similar that is a little like water-proof material and often used on Russian army trucks. They live in tents even in the winter time. Tuva cook and eat a sort of cake and bread and drink reindeer milk which contains a lot of fat. To have one liter of milk you need ten reindeers. They also eat reindeer meat which is soft and tasty.

The Tuva children liked the books of the mobile library and read them several times. Their parents were happy about this. During their trip Daria and the volunteers haven’t seen Tuva drinking alcohol which is different to what many people say. The Tuva were very talkative and liked to tell jokes.

In the summer time there are many tourists visiting the Tuva region. On the one side, it helps the Tuva to sell their handcrafts, on the other side tourism also damages the environment. Therefore, Tuva are not very eager to see visitors and tourists. However, they enjoyed Darias book offerings a lot so the learning center will offer this service again next year.

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