Mongolian Team meets for All-Staff-Training

Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE team
Happy about the reunion: Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE team
Our Mongolian team met for its All-Staff-Training in Selenge province in the North of Mongolia. 13 of our Mongolian community heros attended plus Amar Purev (Country Manager for Mongolia), Tunga Munkhjargal (Assistant for Mongolia), Monika Nowaczyk (Country Development Manager) and Agatha, linguist and BOOKBRIDGE fellow.

Before coming to the training, most of the participants took the bus to Sükhbataar in a 6-hours ride to visit Lazzet Fazal’s learning center that had opened last October. Three Community Heroes couldn’t take part in the training as one learning center had to temporarily closed due to lack of room and one Community Hero had been resigned by the government. Narantuya Dashdeleg from Ulziit-Horoo had stayed at home to look after her sick husband.

Uuganaa Gantumur (Arvaikheer learning center) and Battuul Alexander (Dalanzadgad learning center) shared the experiences they had made during their stay at Franconian International School. Especially Uugana’s sharing was very informative as it showed that they had learnt a lot at the school and are using it at their learning centers. For example, together with her students Uugana improved the center’s rooms to create a learning-friendly atmosphere – without spending a lot of money.

Battuul Alexander, Lazzet Fazal and Maralmaa Jargalsaikhan
Battuul Alexander, Lazzet Fazal and Maralmaa Jargalsaikhan presenting workshop results
Monika did sessions about education quality at the learning centers and monitoring and evaluation measures.

Amar conducted a training on human resource management. The participants discussed the topic and highlighted its importance for their learning center operations.

Uugana did a session on teaching adult classes with a focus on keeping students motivated and to attract new participants.

Bayarjargal and Sete came from Mongolian Scouts Association to give training session. Bayarjargal facilitated a workshop on how to work with fellows which was warmly welcomed by the team.

As Mongolia is such a large country and it takes a lot of time and money to visit the other learning centers, the All-Staff-Training is all the more important for the Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE team. Besides the lively discussions during the sessions, the team participated in socializing activities like trips to the countryside and joint meals. The participants were very happy about having seen each other again after the last training and with the output of the training itself.

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