Mongolian Team meets in Zuunkharaa for Training

Presented useful strategies and examples for teaching English: Uuganaa
Presented useful strategies and examples for teaching English: Uuganaa

Our local teams in Cambodia and Mongolia come together on a regular base to attend trainings and exchange experiences and ideas. From January 12-14 the Mongolian team gathered for a staff training. Host was the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Zuunkharaa.

At the first team training in 2015, we could welcome new colleagues. Ganaa has left the learning center in Zuunkharaa to go on maternity leave. Her successor is Gerlee who organized the meeting together with Uuganaa from the learning center in Arvaikheer and Battuul from the learning center in Dalanzadgad.

The Zuunkharaa learning center is located in the Children’s Palace, a public institution for children and youth offering art and handcraft classes, dancing workshops and IT classes. The center has many young visitors who come everyday to the library to read, learn and discover the English language.

Narantuya from the learning center in Ulziit-Khoroo presents her ideas
Narantuya from the learning center in Ulziit-Khoroo presents her ideas

Battuul has openend her learning center called “Global Passport Center” in the province of South Gobi only a couple of months ago with the support of the 4th BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program. At the meeting she reported on the turbulent months she had gone through. Battuul’s work is supplemented by her colleague Munkh-Erdene. Both held a test class for a class of 9th graders at the meeting.

Daria and Maralmaa, the colleagues from Murun and Bulgan also taught a class of 6th graders with some musical contributions. Gerlee and Bayaraa from Govi-Altai made 5th graders familiar with the basics of the English language in a playful way. Afterwards, the team evaluated and discussed conecpts, methods and the implementation together with the English teacher of a local school. It was remarkable that the numerous children and youth who had attend the test classes had attended voluntarily – though at that time being on winter vacation!

Similar to former team trainings, Uuganaa from Arvaikheer presented useful strategies and examples for teaching English ranging from advanced level to English exams for entrance exams for university. The colleagues appreciated this very much as the Mongolian education system lacks these preparational components. Our learning centers try to close this gap to prepare future students better for entering university.

Amar led the workshop about a strategy for BOOKBRIDGE until 2020
Amar led the workshop about a strategy for BOOKBRIDGE until 2020

With guidance of Amar Purev, BOOKBRIDGE Country Manager for Mongolia, the participants created strategies, goals and the necessary steps for the development of the learning centers in the next years. As the majority of the Mongolian centers is part of different public institutions, the face different challenges than learning centers who operate independently and thus can work more self-determined. The plan is to enable all learning centers to be independent in the long run. This will be difficult and challenging but will bring new chances and the possibility to develop and grow.

BOOKBRIDGE fellows Kathrin and Cony reported on their experiences and impressions they had collected during their work at the learning centers in Zuunkharaa and Bulgan. This was followed by a report of Ganaa, Gerlee and Maralmaa, the Head of Learning Centers of the two centers about this very new form of collaboration. Kathrin and Cony had started their fellowship last September and will finish it at the end of February, after Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian new year’s holidays. Within a short time, Italian fellow Verena will support Battuul and her team. Verena will start her fellowship in Dalanzadgad in February. Battuul, Munkh-Erdene and their colleagues are excited to have Verena with them.

The Mongolian team at the team training in BOOKBRIDGE learning center Zuunkharaa in January 2015
The Mongolian team

After the training, Country Manager Amar and Tunga Munkhjargal agreed with the participants on three important achievements: since BOOKBRIDGE’s beginnings in Mongolia, the Mongolian team has strongly developped, learned a lot and gained a big amount of professionality. There is still a lot to do but all team members look forward to working on it with a growing number of new motivated colleagues.
See you at the next team training in the learning center in Zavkhan!

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