Moving from London to Mongolia

Linda in Sainshand
Linda in Sainshand
Having participated in BOOKBRIDGE’s Capability Program, Linda Nordin decided to support our Mongolian learning centers. In several blog posts, she writes about her adventure.

Today is October 2 and one month that I said goodbye to my family and friends in Sweden to start my Mongolian adventure. At the moment I’m working with Batchimeg in Sainshand Learning Center Erdmiin Urguu where we are creating and setting up courses, already 4 courses running plus non-school activities, and creating an activity base to make the daily lesson planning easier.

Moving from central London to the east Gobi Desert has definitely been a change. From working in a male-dominated industry I now spend a couple of hours each day of educating the younger generations of Mongolia and it is so much fun!

My daily journeys on a crowded tube has now been replaced with a 10 minutes’ walk on the streets of Sainshand surrounded by the Gobi Desert. My 1 hour walk in the park has been replaced with a 1 hour walk being surrounded of the view of Sainshand and miles of desert and empty space. From reading a book in my expensive room in London I can now do my reading with an amazing sunset over the desert hills as company.

Overall life in Mongolia is going very well! In Sainshand there is loads of food stores so cooking is so much easier than I expected. Having fully planned days is great since there is no time for being homesick. Mongolian is very hard to learn but I’m still trying to learn, however I don’t believe speaking fluent Mongolian will be one of my goals with this 9-month journey. Step one is to learn the alphabet!

It’s now Monday morning and the start of a new month full with lessons, students, playing games, reading books and enjoying life in Sainshand and in Sainshand´s own BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center. I’m sure this month will fly away as quick as September did and I’m still very excited of being in the start of this amazing adventure!

6 thoughts on “Moving from London to Mongolia

  • Sanna L says:

    Love to read about your adventures, Linda!!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you girl! It must have been exactly two years ago since we were here together for the first time, I think the full CAP 6 team should come and visit me!!

  • ED PRATELLI says:

    Hi Linda
    Happy to see you happy ,well and learning mongolian 🙂 and help the local chindren to learn english.
    As I told you before it is an amazing iniciative and I wish I could do the same one day.
    Here Thomas is going made with Londo bridge and I am helping where I can , as you can see nothing changed.

    ED P

    • Linda says:

      Hi Ed!

      Thank you for your very encouraging words! And who knows, maybe one day you can do something similar?
      Feels a bit weird that life is going on as normal in London at the same time as my life has totally changed… And I’m excited to see the result of London Bridge!


  • Glenda Knight says:

    Dear Linda,
    I have returned from Arvaikeer 10 days ago and miss the wonderful Oogna and kids everyday. My experiences were much the same as yours. Replacing “conventional ” life with daily love and caring for children so anxious to learn was not a sacrifice. I have many plans for my return next May with new projects spinning in my head. I can’t wait.
    Enjoy every minute.

    • Linda says:

      Dear Glenda,

      I truly hope that we will be able to meet up in May when you are back and share our experiences, and I will do my best to enjoy everything!


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