Myagmarsuren’s Success Story

Myagmarsuren has received a scholarship for studying in the US
Myagmarsuren has received a scholarship for studying in the US
What happens with the children studying at our learning centers? What impact do we have on them? Myagmarsuren attended courses at our learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia and has received a scholarship for studying in the US. In this interview she tells us how learning English at BOOKBRIDGE has empowered her to continue her journey in education.

Myagmarsuren, who are you?
My name is Myagmarsuren Surenkhorloo. I am a senior at University of Finance and Economics in Mongolia. I study Bachelor of Business Administration and my major is accounting. I graduated from Merged School in Arvaikheer, in 2014.

2. I have heard you are going to study abroad?
Indeed, this fall, I am studying Finance as an international exchange student at Illinois State University. My host university is located in Normal, IL and is the first public university in the state. It has over 21,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

3. How did you get accepted for the scholarship program?
My exchange program – Global UGRAD – has 4 levels of selection: application process, interview, TOEFL exam and global nomination. It funds students from all over the world who lead their peers by not only academic achievements but also community work and determination towards their goals. Obviously, having a high grade makes you up by one filter on excel. However, having your own vision, leadership in communities, and being passionate about the program makes you a more potential candidate.

Myagmarsuren explains an activity to students
Myagmarsuren explains an activity to students
3. When did you start learning English? When did you start to study at Arvaikheer Learning Center?
I started learning English when I entered 4th grade at elementary school. By the time I entered high school, I started studying at the learning center. For the last 2 years at BOOKBRIDGE, we undertook advanced English course and intensive preparation for the National Entrance Exam.

4. What impact did BOOKBRIDGE have on your study journey and on you?
First of all, having studied at the learning center I got to know many benefits of having excellent English skills. As you may know, most high school students do not understand how important it is. My perspective on learning English that I gained through BOOKBRIDGE, inspired me to improve my English.

Second, our teacher Uuganaa has a great initiative and commitment to teach her students not only academic skills but also life skills. She always makes us learn beyond our expectations. If current students study harder and hone their skills more and more under Uuganaa’s instruction, I have no doubt that they will achieve the best. With the help of her contribution, I met life-long friends and found the specific parts of my long-term goals as well.

Third, my participation in Mongolian Young Scholarship Program through BOOKBRIDGE supported me to get familiar with the big picture of learning English and community works. Basically, BOOKBRIDGE influenced me a lot to push myself.

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