New Community Hero in Murun

Learning the names of the things students have in their their school bags
Learning the names of the things students have in their their school bags
Our learning center in Murun, Mongolia was established by our very first Capability Program in 2011. This month, Lkhamsuren Erdenedash (Lkhamaa) has become the Community Hero and will continue to develop the learning center.

When Lkhamaa started teaching at Murun learning center, she only had two students in her class and had little experience in teaching English. Lkhamaa, who is originally from Murun, graduated at the university as an English language translator. She worked for several companies doing different kinds of jobs ranging from administration in a mining company to office manager to English teacher in a secondary school in her province for two months. She was still looking for her true purpose in life and what she would like to do.

Lkhamsuren with her students
Lkhamsuren with her students
When coming to the learning center, she liked the BOOKBRIDGE concept from the very beginning and she could identify herself with BOOKBRIDGE’s values. Even though she started with only two students she really loved to be called a teacher and to share her knowledge with others. She realized the power she had in shaping the future of the young learners in a positive direction.

Now one year has passed and Lkhamsuren has 28 students in her classes. Last month she took over the head of the learning center position as Dariima, the former head of learning center had moved to Ulaanbaatar for family reasons.

Since Lkhamaa joined BOOKBRIDGE she has actively participated in several activities and trainings offered by BOOKBRIDGE through which she gained many experiences in teaching and leading students. She has written an excellent article about her experiences.

The team of BOOKBRIDGE Mongolia was very happy that Lkhamaa was able to take the position of the head of learning center. We truly trust her and value her positive attitude. The community members will definitely benefit from her passion for learning and sharing.

Meet Lkhamsuren and learn more about her motivation and goals in this video:

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