New Country Manager for Mongolia

Amar Purev
Amar is our new country manager for Mongolia
Welcome, Amar! Amarsaikhan „Amar“ Purev is our new country manager for Mongolia. In this post, he introduces himself.

Hi Amar, welcome at BOOKBRIDGE! Tell us something about you: How old are you? What are your hobbies? What drives you?
I’ve been working with an international NGO for last fifteen years and like working in development. I have some experience in project management, volunteer management, strategy development and in providing training in some skill areas.
I’m married, have three kids, a boy and two girls, aged 10, 8 and 6. They all go to school.
My wife works for a private company. I’m fifty this year and did my degree in IT in Russia and about to start my MBA study in Sept. I like travelling and hiking, and reading.

How did you hear about BOOKBRIDGE?
I finished my job with the last employer in July and started looking for a job from the end of July. And I saw BOOKBRIDGE’s announcement for CM on local business website and applied for the job.

Why did you decide to engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
I had been dealing with an organisation in the past that carry out similar activities like BOOKBRIDGE. Also, I like working in development and some skills that the job needed were what I had.

What is your vision for BOOKBRIDGE in Mongolia?
I would like to see BOOKBRIDGE as strong actor in development which makes valid contribution to community development in countries like Mongolia, Cambodia and others. Also, I would like to learning centres as entry point tot he community that offers a wide range of capacity building opportunities to local communities.

…and last but not least: what is the last book which you have read?
Currently , I’m reading two books, one is Human Resource Management by Larry Staut and the second one is called Made in China which is about top Chinese companies and their strategies that achieved big successes in the last decade.

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