New Country Manager for Sri Lanka recruited

Saradha will support our projects in Sri Lanka
After several months of searching, we are happy to introduce you to our new country manager for Sri Lanka, Saradha Somaratne. He will support our learning centers and the capability programs in Sri Lanka.

Saradha, who are you?
I am Saradha Somaratne and I live in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo. I am an avid reader and life-long learner. In my spare time I like travelling, listening to music and to do exercises to keep fit.

How did you know about BOOKBRIDGE?
I came to know about BOOKBRIDGE through Eranda Ginige, who is the local business coach for BOOKBRIDGE in Sri Lanka.

How can BOOKBRIDGE be helpful to Sri Lanka?
BOOKRIDGE can promote social entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka through the establishment of learning centers in various parts of Sri Lanka. These centers will help disadvantaged communities to learn English, IT and other transferable skills which are in high demand on the present job market.

What will your tasks be?
I will help the existing community heroes to develop their capacities. I will recruit new community heroes and I will run the capability programs in Sri Lanka.

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