New Faces at Takeo

Sinoeun Nuon is the new English teacher
After the reopening of BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Takeo, Cambodia, the team of the center has made remarkable steps towards better offerings and services. Sokhan Khut, Country Manager for Cambodia, reports.

Since the reopening, we could increase the number of visitors to the learning center including foreigners bringing life back to the center. This was mainly due to educational activities and games offered by our German fellows, Susann and Marco and offering three English and Career life skills courses.

With environment-friendly library, activity and learning rooms and ongoing activities, the learning center has attracted attention of people from the community. Two young students, Sopheak Tok and Sokmanich Chhay approached us and said they were interested in volunteering at the center to assist the local team in developing it more.

Volunteer Sopheak
Sopheak Tok will volunteer at the center until June
Sopheak, 19, is a student at Build Bright University Takeo. She comes from a village near the provincial town and has agreed to volunteer at the learning center for three months starting from April 1st until June 30th. She works roughly more than 20 hours a week, from Monday to Friday and occasionally on Saturday. Her main tasks include assisting the Head of Learning Center in managing administrative tasks at the library, tidying up books, ensuring cleanness in the center and engaging with children in educational activities and games together with our fellows.

Manich is volunteering three hours per day
Manich, 19, is also a student at Build Bright University Takeo. She lives in Takeo town and has volunteered at the learning center from mid March this year. She works three hours a day every morning, from Monday to Friday. Her volunteering work is planned to end in mid June, but she will possibly continue it depending on how busy she will be at that time with her studies. Her main tasks include assisting the Head of Learning Center in library administrative works and engaging in educational activities and games together with Sopheak and our fellows.

After having offered new paid English courses for a few weeks, our part-time English teacher Mr. Samorn Sao had to quit the course as he moved to a new working place. Luckily, this sudden change did not affect his course as the head of learning center quickly found a new part-time teacher, Mr. Sinoeun Nuon. Sinoeun, 37, is an English teacher at Takeo Chea Sim High School and a co-teacher with Chris Marsh from Peace Corps Cambodia. At the learning center, he teaches Solution Elementary and Career Advice course from 5:30 to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

We thank the volunteers and the part-time English Teacher very much for their time and efforts they put in the development of the learning center.

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