New Fellow for our Mongolian Learning Centers

Linda (right) will support our Mongolian learning centers
Linda (right) will support our Mongolian learning centers

Sometimes, the end of something means the start of something new. After the Capability Program was over, a whole new world had opened up for Linda Nordin. She returned to her job at Hilti in England but never forgot what she experienced when she opened up her learning center in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia. Two years later, she decided to move to Mongolia to support BOOKBRIDGE Learning Centers there. In this interview, she reveals more about her plans.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Linda and I was born in south Sweden in a small village on the countryside. At home I have two sisters, my mother, her partner and two dogs where none of the dogs knows how to behave. At university I studied Construction Engineering, after graduation I worked one year in Sweden before moving to Manchester in England.

I have been living in England the latest three years (2 years in Manchester and 1 year in London). After 3 years in England I wanted to start a new adventure and decided to move to Mongolia as a volunteer for the next 9 months. My first destination will be Sainshand where I will work with Batchimeg at her newly started learning center.

How did you hear about BOOKBRIDGE?
In England I worked for Hilti which is one of the companies whom give their employees the opportunity to participate in the Capability Program. I started my BOOKBRIDGE journey by participating in the 6th Capability Program where we supported Lazzet with setting up her Learning Center in Sukhbaatar.

What do you expect from your fellowship?
First of all I want to inspire children and young adults to learn a new language. I want to be a part of giving them the opportunity to be a part of the global world we are living in today, give them the opportunity to explore and meeting new people which I’ve been able to do by knowing a different language. I believe I can do so by supporting the existing learning centers with focus on increasing the number of students and develop the English and teaching skills of the teachers.
Second I want to learn about and be a part of the Mongolian culture. I want to adept to the culture and bring my learnings to the Western Word and inspire people at home to follow their dreams and inspire them to learn by other cultures.

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