New in Siem Reap: Meanrith Meas

Meanrith supports the learning center in the fields of READ and LEARN
Our learning center in Siem Reap, Cambodia has a new staff member. In this post, we introduce Meanrith Meas.

Meanrith Meas is 21 years old and a university student. He was recommended by the former head of learning center, Ratana Bunyou, to replace him but BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia has not decided yet to offer him the position. However, he has been offered the position of the temporary head of learning center and he has agreed to take a three month probation period to show his interests and performance.

Meanrith is in charge of the smooth operation of the learning center. This mainly concerns the first two areas of activities the center offers: READ (providing free access to reading materials that are available in the learning center) and LEARN (offering educational activities and games that encourage interests in learning English language). Besides, he is responsible for different administrative tasks and the coordination of foreign volunteers coming from our NGO partner, About Asia School, based in Siem Reap.

Meanrith has also the possibility to offer paid English courses and to acquire course participants. BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia will evaluate his performance after the probation period and will decide if he should be given the position.

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