New in the Takeo team: Sokoeurn

Sokoeurn with kids reading
Sokoeurn with students reading in the library

Welcome, Sokoeurn: Last Friday, our new Head of Learning Centre started working in Takeo.

Touch Sokoeurn is 39 years old and comes from Takeo province. Sokoeurn completed his Bachelors Degree in English Literature at Angkor Khemara University in 2010. He has been teaching English in various positions for 13 years. Before BOOKBRIDGE, Sokoeurn has taught English at Chea Sim High School, Build Bright University’s Center for Foreign Language, Oxford English School and the Department of Planning in Takeo Town.

During the past 18 months Sokoeurn has worked closely with Chris Marsh, a Peace Corps volunteer who also supported our learning centre together with his wife Kate. As Sokoeurns co-teacher at Chea Sim High School, Chris worked on improving his teaching techniques, professionalism, English and other skills. When he heard that BOOKBRIDGE was looking for a new manager for the learning center, Chris recommended us Sokoeurn saying that he was one of the most dedicated English teachers he encountered in Cambodia.

Sokoeurn at Takeo
With other staff members from the center, Sokoeurn is preparing the new English curriculum

For BOOKBRIDGE, Sokoeurn is not only very valuable concerning the English curriculum. As he has also very good knowledge of the Takeo community he has a unique perspective on educational needs in the region. This will help him to find out which courses and activities to plan and how to maintain a high level of engagement with the community.

With Sokoeurns dedication and strong commitment we are convinced that he will bring our learning centre to live and create real positive social impact in the community.

We are very excited to have Sokoeurn in our team and are very much looking forward to working together with him!

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