New in the team: Sareena

Sareena with family
Sareena with her two daughters
Welcome, Sareena! Sareena Wildberger is an education specialist and will support us in developing the English curriculum for our learning centers in Cambodia and Mongolia. In this post, she introduces herself.

Hi Sareena! Tell us something about you and your professional background.
I am originally from Canada, but spent 15 years studying and working in the United States, and have now been living for 2 years in Switzerland. I am passionate about the field of education — I deeply believe that everyone should have access to a great education. I have spent the last 10 years working to develop great schools for low income and minority children in the US. I am also a family-oriented and social person so I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

How did you hear about BOOKBRIDGE?
I heard about BOOKBRIDGE from a colleague in Zurich who knew that I was interested in meeting some social entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

Why did you decide to engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
I spent some time with the BOOKBRIDGE team a few months ago and was inspired by their passion for the work. BOOKBRIDGE also seemed like a good fit given my past experiences, but at the same time, I am hoping to learn a lot about international education.

…and last but not least: what is the last book which you have read?
Currently , I’m “skimming” Scouting for Boys as Carsten said that the values and and attitudes described in the book are central to how he thinks about the work of BOOKBRIDGE. I am also reading a book by John Irving called In One Person.

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