New Learning Center Opened in Ang-Tasom

Participants and BOOKBRIDGE staff in front of the new learning center
Participants and BOOKBRIDGE staff in front of the new learning center

On Friday, Nov 29th, the community of Ang-Tasom celebrated the opening of the third BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Cambodia. The participants of our capability program, national and local partners as well as many children and adults from Ang-Tasom took part in the opening celebration.

The opening was a big milestone within the social business development of our learning center which aims to be self-sustainable within one year. During the last months our participants have developed a business model that aims to improve educational capacity within the community of Ang-Tasom and is able to finance the learning center and its ongoing development.

Based on market research and stakeholder meetings, the team developed a model that combines different business lines: Next to a free library and activities for children, fee-based English and IT courses were created to improve skills of young people in future relevant areas and to ensure a stabile business case. In order to serve as well as an educational hub for less well-educated social milieus like farmers, the team invented a seminar program, in which experts in agriculture share best practises in 2-day workshops that will be conducted with a hands-on approach in the villages around Ang-Tasom.

Offering agriculture courses
Course offerings for IT and agricultural skills

After a successful planning and set-up phase in the weeks beforehand, the focus of our team during the on-site week was to ensure a good start for the learning centre: Therefore the team made final agreements with our employees, volunteers and partners, started with local marketing and agreed on a common project plan for the next three months concentrating mainly on ensuring stabile operations, local team building and on-going financial planning and monitoring.

2012 One Young World Social Business AcceleratorWe are sure that the Ang-Tasom community will benefit from the center as well as will the participants from the program. They were supported from our leadership coach Heike Rudolph v. Rohr during the on-site module in Cambodia. The learning center is financed with a loan by the One Young World Social Business Accelerator. To learn more about One Young World, go to their page.

We are very optimistic that our new learning center has everything a center needs to be successful: A promising social business model, a very engaged local team, support from the community, on-going mentoring from the participants of the capability program and most important: Excited kids and youth, who love the new learning center!

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