New Partner: Wirtschafts-Treuhand

Wirtschafts-Treuhand AG
Der Sitz der Wirtschafts-Treuhand AG in Basel
There is new support arriving from Switzerland: Recently, Wirtschafts-Treuhand AG became In-kind partner of BOOKBRIDGE.

Wirtschafts-Treuhand is a trust based in the Northwestern part of Switzerland, doing auditing and public accounting for charities and companies. Wirtschafts-Treuhand does the yearly audit for BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATION to ensure that the fundings raised are spent according to the statutes.

Christian Zeller is auditor at Wirtschafts-Treuhand and a Swiss scout. He shares our thoughts about global education equality and supports us with editing our annual financial statement.

We are very grateful for the support of Wirtschafts-Treuhand and are excited to have them as new partner!

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