New Reading Activities in Mobile Learning Centers

Students discover books alone or in groups
Students discover books alone or in groups
Our Mobile Learning Centers in Cambodia have introduced new reading campaigns in cooperation with local schools. The goal is to motivate students to read via.

Stuffed with Khmer and English books, our “book tuk-tuk” passes by several communities in the Ang Tasom Area offering books and learning material to students in Angtnoat, Angchouk, Trapaeng Trabek and Veiluvoan.

As the current school system only forsees school breaks of only each 15 minutes in the morning and the afternoon, students don´t have time to profit from the extra reading offer. Luckily, principals and teachers from different schools were willing to organize “reading breaks” for their students. Thanks to the longer breaks, the learning center staff could introduce new books, read from them and let time for discovering the book offerings of the tuk-tuk. We also set up rules to monitor their reading behavior and wishes as books from Europe become more and more popular, essentially periodicals, fiction, nonfiction, novel, and children books in English.

Reading breaks and book offerings are quite popular. Most students eagerly await the arrivals of the tuk-tuk. The school staff’s feedback is also very positive as students have changed their reading habits and their attitude towards books. As reading in Cambodia is not so widespread like in other countries, this is an important impact. Thanks to the mobile library, children get access to books even in remote areas.

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