New Reporting brings up-to-date Information on our Learning Centers

Reporting sheet for the learning centers
The new reporting sheet displays facts and figures from each learning center

Thanks to a revised reporting system, from now on everybody will be able to see the development of our learning centers on our website. Since the beginning of this year, the Heads of Learning Centers report a whole range of figures to us that will be shown on the website. Jella Riesterer, responsible for measuring the impact of our work, introduces the new system.

We have developed an online-based reporting-tool that can be accessed from everywhere. On a monthly base, the Heads of Learning Centers enter data about their learning center like the number of books checked out, generated revenues and expenses or the number of participants in activities.

We personally find these figures very exciting. However, our guess is that not everybody shares our passion for numbers. So we decided to choose a couple of numbers to transform them into beautiful coloured charts. The plan is to update the data on a regularly base. This way, we hope to make the impact of our work more visible making it easier for us to identify weak points or ideas and concepts that have been successfully introduced in one learning center and so might be interesting for another center as well.
Have a look at the reporting sheets on the respective pages of the learning centers and tell us if you like it! Please note that in the beginning there might be some figures missing as internet connection in some parts of the countries we are active in can be slow so that we don´t get every figure in time.

The goal of our activities regarding impact measurement is to make sure that our work creates the impact we want it to have. For this the revised reporting system is only a first step as it only measures the pure outputs our Learning Centers generate. The next step we want to go is to start a process which figures out how to measure more than that, namely the so called outcomes. These outcome indicators must be conducted from our organizational goals and are for example the later income levels of our students or their job chances.

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