New Volunteer for Learning Center Siem Reap

Patrick is new volunteer in Siem Reap
Patrick is new volunteer in Siem Reap

Patrick Labelle is new BOOKBRIDGE volunteer at our learning center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In this interview, we introduce him.

Patrick, tell us about you: Who are you?
I am an electro-mechanic engineer and an information system engineer. I worked in various companies/ consulting software house, bank, and French railways. I come from Europe (France). Now I am retired. In my free time, I visit my children and grand-children in Poland and the Netherlands, read books and take care of my horse.

How did you know about BOOKBRIDGE?
I went to 10 January 1979 high school, asked to talk to the director and proposed him to coach students. He sent me to Sanith Kong, the Community Hero in Siem Reap.

Why do you engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
I like seeing how students try (or don’t try!) to solve various problems and analyze situations.

What do you do at BOOKBRIDGE?
I coach students and educate them on the importance of developing their mental potentialities in focusing on:

  • the process of information by the brain,
  • the link between intelligence and memory,
  • the role of the memory and how to improve it,
  • a better understanding of their own capacities and what they can do to improve
  • pragmatic advises and suggestions to apply for their studies.

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