New Volunteer for Tonloab

Andrea volunteers at learning center Tonloab
Andrea volunteers at learning center Tonloab
Coming from Germany, Andrea is supporting our learning center in Tonloab, Cambodia for the next three months. In this interview, she talks about her motivation for working for BOOKBRIDGE.

Andrea, who are you?
My name is Andrea Brüchig and I come from Freiburg, Germany. I’m 19 years old and just finished my apprenticeship as a geriatric nurse in September. In my free time I like to walk my dog, spend time with my family and friends or reading.

How did you know about BOOKBRIDGE?
I heard about BOOKBRIDGE from Uschi Krechel, a colleague of my father and a host family of BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia Country Manager Sokhan Khut when he was visiting Freiburg. When I told her I wanted to do some voluntary work abroad she connected me with Sokhan and after having a virtual call with him, I decided to volunteer at one of the BOOKBRIDGE Learning Centers in his country.

Why do you engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
After I finished my apprenticeship where I mostly worked with elderly people I thought it would be good to collect some new experiences before starting to work in my job. I engage in BOOKBRIDGE because I think we can both benefit from each other. I like the idea and the concept behind this organisation.

What do you do at BOOKBRIDGE?
At BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Tonloab, I work with the students from primary school in the morning and afternoon. My journey is very manifold. It includes doing some physical activities with the students, creating teaching materials and co-teaching. I show them some basic skills on the computers and produce the teaching materials together with them, for example, guiding them to use an iron plate laminator.

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