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Students with donated books
Students with donated books
Plastic waste campaign and book donations – good news from our learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia (by Community Hero Uuganaa Gantumur):

Last June we received a girl from Switzerland as a volunteer at my learning center. Her name is Lea. Working as a volunteer was a great support and she made a wonderful addition to our center. Five weeks flew by quickly and it was soon time to say Goodbye.

After a few months we received a letter from her telling us about her idea to send books. Today we received many brand-new books and, with 20 copies for each group, this means we have enough for a whole group to learn. They are very useful books and with great grammar information. We are very excited about all the books and really appreciate your kindness. A big thank you to Lea and her donors for buying all these wonderful books.

Thank you, Lea for the book donation to Arvaikheer
Thank you, Lea!
Also, we are about to start another project which involves making reusable shopping bags in my community. It will be a sustainable project and we discussed it with Lea before she left. Recently, BOOKBRIDGE announced a project to decrease plastic garbage. So it will be a win-win-situation. While Lea was in our province she was most concerned about plastic usage. We are now ready to start our next project. We are ready to move forward. Thanks Lea for supporting us! We will do our best. Thanks for the 60 books and games. We will use them for many years at our library. We are so thankful to your ideas to support our young people in Mongolia. Good luck with your new job.

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