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The aimag of Gobi-Altai is located in the southwest of Mongolia
The BOOKBRIDGE library in Gobi-Altai was established 2011 and is held by the Gobi-Altai Children’s Department. In this post, learn about the current situation of BOOKBRIDGE in Gobi-Altai.

In the beginning, the library contained 5,000 books. Thanks to the help of Asia Foundation, this number could be increased to 12,000 English and Mongolian books. Besides the library services the institution also offers different English classes for children. Each class meets twice a week, levels are beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Around ten students visit each class. The teachers are very eager to offer interesting and exciting lessons to keep students motivated. To plan the lessons, they use computer programs, music, movies, and the books from the library. The books are also offered to local teachers.

Mongolian library visitorsParts of our book stock have been lent to a yurt library provided by the local government. This mobile library is used to reach children in the vast area of the district. The goal is to promote reading and speaking skills in Mongolian and English.
The library also hosts a free English club organized by Peace Corps volunteers. The volunteers use the books to meet the different needs and skills of the people coming to the weekly hold club. Besides, there are many different activities offered like movie clubs, business clubs and reading clubs.

To facilitate the registration and borrowing of books, the library has established a card registration system. This makes it easier for the staff to keep track of the books and learning materials. In the future, it is planned to expand the use of the library. The services are to be advertised in order to reach as many inhabitants of Gobi-Altai as possible.

The library books are not only borrowed by children, youth and adults. They are also used as teaching and learning materials for English lessons. For examples, we provided the soums of GobiAltai with packages of English books to facilitate teaching English. Another project is to be started with kindergarten and disabled children. Our Peace Corps volunteer is working closely with the Children´s Department to start trainings for younger children and those with problems. The library provides books, games, DVDs, and music for the trainings.

Information about the Gobi-Altai district:
Established in 1940
141,447 square kilometers
Capital: Yesunbulag Soum
Current estimated population: 55,600
Children age 0-18: 20,294
Children in school: 11,960
Children in kindergarten: 3,855
The Aimag consists of 18 soums and 2 tosgon or villages

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