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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Tani (Cambodia) offers a variety of courses such as English, Chinese and basic IT course. Target groups include children and students from various schools as well as people from the community that want to improve their language and technology skills for professional reasons.

Opened in 2016, the learning center has operated quite successfully until now. Community Hero Sothy has managed to open new educational offerings and opportunities to his community.

Unfortunately, the last two-months staid behind his expectations as students decided to leave some courses to get prepared for diploma exams in September. Also, there is a shortage of human resources in his community so that it is not easy to find new qualified teachers. Still, Sothy plans to recruit qualified and experienced staff to promote the learning center as an institution of high-quality education that uses practical teaching methods.

This has not really improved the situation. To reach his sustainability goal, Sothy needs 10 more students. To do so, he plans to invest in a school shuttle that brings younger students to the learning center. There are many young students leaving around the learning center but they are not able yet to travel alone.

Another solution could be to hire qualified English teachers to teach beginner to pre-intermediate level in the evening after school has finished (5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm). Besides, volunteers could add important resources to the learning center and teach English programs to children. There is a high demand for children English classes and these courses are more long-term than classes for adult students.

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