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Dormitory training in Arvaikheer
A workshop for dormitory teachers taking place in Arvaikheer
Good news from learning centers in Mongolia: New English classes have been developped using video and an English test book is to be published soon.

Our learning center in Arvaikheer has developed two out of total 14 planned TV English classes. The new lesson format aims at improving verbal and auditive skills of the students. The video lessons are to be used by all BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in Mongolia. With the new teaching approach, the centers hope to convince more children and students to take English lessons.

Besides English videos, the center is currently developping a book for English tests serving both teachers and students. Students can control their language skills and get insights in the fields they are good at or still need practice with. This way, we hope to improve the level of our English classes. To assist the learning centers in adapting the new methods, Uganaa, director of Arvaikheer learning center, will visit all Mongolian learning centers in the next weeks.

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