News from Zavkhan, Murun and Bulgan

Buya and Dam
Intense training: Buya and Duya in Zavkhan

Even if there are almost 1,000 miles between both centers: Buya from Arvaikheer visited Duya (director of Zavkhan learning center) in Zavkhan to improve Duyas English teaching skills. In Bulgan, LC director Maralmaa has organized an English competition for secondary school students. Murun has started to offer a wide variety of English activities. Read the latest news from our Mongolian learning centers.

Zavkhan: Intense Teacher Training
Buyandelger (Buya) from Arvaikheer learning center is currently in Zavkhan to work with Dulamsuren Dorjtudev (Duya) from the local BOOKBRIDGE learning center. Buyas trip to Zavkhan is a follow up of Dulamsurens trip to Arvaikheer in April and aims to provide Duya with further technical support for teaching English.

For Buya, the trip to Zavkhan was very exhausting as Zavkhan is almost a thousands miles away from Arvaikheer. Not only was the trip long and tiring but also her bus broke down and needed to be fixed. There are no paved roads between Arvaikheer and Zavkhan so it occurs very often that a bus breaks down.

Buya is very happy with Duya as she is an active and committed student. Duya will start to offer paid English course from October on but needs to wait until the Central Library in Zavkhan, where the Learning Centre is located, is being renovated. The province of Zavkhan is preparing for its 90th anniversary in August. The preparations are ongoing at full speed. All, especially government employees have to work hard and overtime before and during the anniversary celebration and they have been agreed by provincial governor to have their annual leave not before September, after the anniversary has been celebrated.

Award ceremony
Award ceremony of Bulgan English competition

Bulgan: English Competition
In Bulgan, learning center director Maralmaa Jargalsaikhan has organized the ”English is key to development” competition amongst the local secondary schools in mid-May. The aim of the event was to motivate children in Bulgan to learn English and to promote the learning center and its activities.

Twenty secondary school students participated in the competition and around 50 students watched and supported the competition. For a small community like Bulgan that only runs two secondary schools this means a lot of attention.

The judges of the English competition

Judges were Tenzin, PCV, a foreign language specialist of the Bulgan health department and Maralmaa herself. English language teachers from the participating schools were not invited as judge to avoid a conflict of interest. An officer from the education department was not able to participate as judge due to a business trip to the countryside. This was the second time that the competition was organized and Maralmaa was very happy with it not only because she now feels more experienced with organizating the event than the first time.

Murun: Different Learning Activites
The learning center in Murun is active in carrying out various activities such as an English speaking class, a movie club and paid language courses. There are about four Peace Corps volunteers in the town and they often come to the learning center to get get involved in the activities.

Bracelet workshop
To promote course offerings, Dariima invites young people to activites like a bracelet workshop

Dariimaa, director of the learning center, is preparing a trip to Arvaikheer to learn from Uuganaas experience of teaching English. This is also a follow up of Uuganas trip to Murun in January that was followed by Dariimaas consolidation process of her knowledge. Dariimaa has a quite high level of English teaching skills and has potential to become an experienced teacher like Uugana under certain conditions. Her biggest challenge is to speaking comprehension in addition to communication and networking skills which are essential in promoting the center and its activities.

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