Next step taken for Takeo

Country Manager Sokhan and Delphine
Cambodia Country Manager Sokhan and Delphine, responsible for financial administration and capacity planning
During last week, the Capability Program team made important steps in the Takeo project:

The Human Resources team conducted several interviews and trial classes with potential candidates for the position of the project leader and part-time teacher. We found several candidates that fit very well into the job profile. The team also worked on the training concept for the soon-to-be-employed stuff and discussed it with stakeholders from Takeo community to use existing resources.

The infrastructure team renovated and painted the two rooms, installed the doors and designed the rooms to turn them in an encouraging learning environment for our combined English & Life Skill Courses. The finance team met with local banks and decided how to manage financial administration to make it easy and transparent.

DSC03227The marketing team was busy with the Opening Ceremony to make the local community aware of the new educational offers. We expect about 150 guests, among them representatives from the Ministry of Education in Phnom Penh and the local authorities. This will be the perfect moment to spread the word, hand-out flyers and show how the center will work in the future.

Our local partners are greatly supporting our work: They help us to organize meetings and events, share their experience in developing Life Skill Courses or give us practical help like Kate from the Peace Corps who is drawing a huge world map into one of the new rooms.

Participants and a representative from Takeo community
Participants and a representative from Takeo community
And we have two volunteers, Susann (who is a lawyer) and Marco, an IT specialist. They will support the learning center with their expertise and their great motivation within the next 5 months. They will introduce themselves in a future post. We are very excited about the steps we have taken so far! Together with the people in Takeo, the team has achieved so many things that we are very optimistic that the learning center will be a succes.

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