Opening of Takeo learning center

Today, our learning center in Takeo, Cambodia, opened its renewed doors for the big opening ceremony. After weeks of creating new curriculums, making business plans, doing job interviews, painting walls and ceilings, we are very proud of what we have achieved.

The opening ceremony took place with over 150 guests: Scouts, teachers, children, teens, volunteers, representatives from local authorities and NGOs and national deputies from the capital Phnom Penh. After cutting a huge red band and hearing different speeches from official representatives, the crowd entered the new library and seminar rooms that the Capability Program team had renovated the last weeks. Scouts, children and students played educational games and had a lot of fun with it. People explored the library containing more than 12,000 books, cds, movies and cd-roms in a learning-friendly environment. All partners, volunteers and teachers joined us in a big dinner celebrating this important step.