BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATION is our mother organization. It is registered as a tax-exempted not-for-profit legal entity in Basel, Switzerland. The foundation invests into our Community Heroes via the Social Business Fund. It is governed by our Board Members. All board members work on a voluntary basis.

The Capability Program is offered by BOOKBRIDGE GmbH, a tax-paying for-profit entity registered in Neumarkt, Germany. BOOKBRIDGE GmbH is full owned by BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATION. All paid staff members are employed by BOOKBRIDGE GmbH. All profits of BOOKBRIDGE GmbH benefit our Community Heroes.

Our Country Organizations are registered as separate legal entities in their respective countries. In the start-up phase of a new country, we mainly work through the National Scout Organization. We sign MoUs with the government to ensure their support of our community-based learning centers.

Our learning centers are registered as separate legal entities in their respective communities. Each Community Hero decides together with the Capability Program Team on the best legal setup for the operations of the learning center. They may be registered as a government entity, NGO or under a business license.

Our network of partners have relationships with BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATION, BOOKBRIDGE GmbH, the respective Country Organization or an individual learning center. See our network page for more information on whom we are proud of in collaborating.